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A Brief History
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Experienced Composer with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry.

Skilled in Soundtrack, Audio Engineering, Drumming, Piano, Vocals and Film.

Daz Shields is a film composer, producer, singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist born in Upper Norwood, South London in 1966. He grew up in a musical family and has been creating and performing music ever since.

He learned to play the drums, piano and guitar from the age of six and was taught by his Mother and Father, Lorraine and Brian.

He joined his first real band at 13 years old and were called The Dumas. They played small local venues and included his cousin and two friends. 

At 15 years old he joined a semi pro band called Onyx, whom he played with (in different guises) for the next 26 years.


In 1986 Daz released his first album entitled 'Heaven Only Knows' under the name Dal Lewis. He wrote, performed and produced the album at the tender age of 20. This was mastered at Abbey Road, which was a dream for him.

In 1988, he released the single 'Just Another Love Song' as Dal Lewis, and this received air play all over the UK on BBC radio. 


Since then, Daz has worked on numerous projects with many producers/song writers including David Mackay (Cliff Richard, Bonnie Tyler, The New Seekers), Stuart Epps (Elton John, Jimmy Page, Robbie Williams) , Dan Frampton (Olly Murs, The Script, Pixie Lott), Simon Tauber (Gina G), Ian Catt (St Ettienne), David Mindel, Adam Ferguson and many artists including Bonnie Tyler, Eve Graham, Fisher Stevens, Willie Knowles. Electro Velvet, Kezi Silverstone, Stringfever, Brian Shields, Lorraine Hayes, Sandra Shields, Chris Shields, Mark Humphrey, The Bollock Brothers, Kim Bridges, Spread Some Sunshine, London Rocks, The Original Songwriters and many more.....

In 2009 Daz worked as a Composer on the soundtrack and the score of the feature film Legacy. An award winning film by Stephen Savage and Lunatopia Productions. The film won the Best Film and Best Actress at the Idyllwild International Festival of Film 2010 in California. The summer of 2011 brought the release of Legacy on DVD throughout the world.

2012 brought the opening of SMG Recording Studios

2017 brought the meeting of Daz and the legendary writer, composer and producer David Mackay. David has worked with numerous artists over his time in the music industry, including....Cliff Richard, Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield, The New Seekers, Bonnie Tyler, The Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Billy Ocean, to name but a few!


In 2018, Daz was incredibly honoured when David asked him to put some drums down for him for a couple of forth coming projects.

The projects were Bonnie Tyler's new album 'Between The Earth And The Stars' and Eve Graham's (The New Seekers) new album 'A Matter Of Time'.

The highlight for Daz was playing on the track called 'Slow Walk'. A fabulous track writted by Cadd and Belland.

David sent Daz the parts over and they included Francis Rossi (Status Quo) and Geoff Whitehorn (Bad Company, Procol Harum) on guitars, David Mackay on bass, Bonnie Tyler on vocals and Daz on the drums and backing vocals! A special moment indeed. Daz recorded his parts in his home studio in Surrey and then passed them to David for mixing into the track.

In late 2018, David Mackay arranged, mixed and produced Daz's track called 'Please Come Home To Me'. Another very special moment fpr Daz. This track is currently only available on this website. More details on this very soon.


In 2019, Daz released two singles, All The Help I Need and Please Come Home To Me and also worked on his forth coming new album. He is currently two thirds of the way into the new album and is extremely excited to get the songs finished and 'out there'.

Daz also played drums and performed backing vocals on the new single by Fisher Stevens called Without You.

This was recorded, mixed and produced by David Mackay. 

Daz also played drums and BV's on numerous tracks from the new Bonnie Tyler album, due out in 2020.

January 2020 brought the release of Baby Baby


With the heart breaking turn of events regarding Covid 19 in the spring of this year, Daz used this unexpected time off, to record alot more of his new album entitled 'You'll Always See My Face'. 

Holding Off Goodbye, another song from Daz's new album, was uploaded to this website as a video. Daz's first attempt video production....and probably the last!! 

July 2020 brought the release of his next track from the album, it is called Rock n Roll Dreams.

This track, written by Steve and Chris Overland, has been recorded by Daz at his home studio, using the incredible talents of Graeme Eve. Graeme plays all the guitars and sings BV's also.

The one and only David Mackay heard the track and then took control.

David arranged, mixed and produced the song, bringing in top session players Richard Cottle and Laurence Cottle on keys and bass respectively.


Another very proud moment to be playing alongside Graeme, Richard and Laurence, with the song arranged, mixed and produced by David Mackay........Fantastic!


Click Here to listen to Rock n Roll Dreams 

In June 2020, Daz had the pleasure of performing backing vocals for the forth coming album from Willie Knowles. Willie is the cousin of Beyonce Knowles and has penned numerous tracks over the years and also was in the group Arizona.


Daz performed on the tracks 'Ain't No Gold In California', 'Pretty Little One' and 'Hold On 'Till Tomorrow'.

David Mackay also brought in the incredible talents of Bob Jenkins on Drums and Graeme Eve for the guitar solo on Hold On 'Till Tomorrow'. 

December 2020 - The release of Willie Knowles new album 'Love and Joy' on which Daz sings backing vocals on three tracks.

December 2020 - The release of Bonnie Tyler's new single 'When The Light's Go Down' on which Daz plays drums and sings backing vocals. Written by Steve Womack.

January 2021 - The release of the title track from the new album from Bonnie Tyler - 'The Best Is Yet To Come', on which Daz plays drums and sings backing vocals. Written by Steve Womack.

March 2021 - The release of Daz's new album 'You'll Always See My Face'.



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